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Small NZ business profiting with social media

01 Oct 2010

A new report has found that New Zealand’s small businesses that use social media as part of their online business strategy are more likely to achieve greater revenue returns from their websites.

The Domainz eBiz Review polled 668 New Zealand small and medium-sized businesses with an online presence and found that SMBs which generated 20% or more of their revenues directly from their website were more likely to use social media.

“We think the correlation between eSMBs’ social media use and higher revenues from their websites will certainly encourage a lot of small businesses to reconsider how they can use social media tools to help their business,” said Damon Fieldgate, Acting GM of Domainz.

Don’t just think you can set-up a quick Facebook page and you’re done though. “SMBs need to think about how social media fits into their online strategy and seek advice where necessary to integrate social media tools with their existing online investments to ensure success,” Fieldgate added.

Download the full report here.