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Smart Spending

01 Sep 2010

Making the right technology decisions will save you money. Here are some tips:

Encourage flexible working

It couldn’t be easier to set up broadband access, PCs and web-based phone systems from the home. Your staff will appreciate the flexibility, and it will mean greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Get rid of unnecessary hardware

What is the point in having a separate fax machine, scanner, printer and copier when you can have an all-in-one multifunctional device? Likewise expensive phone systems and CRM software can be replaced with easy to use web-based and mobile alternatives, offering the same functionality at much lower prices.

Disconnect landlines

With business mobile tariffs currently such good value for money, you’re better off reducing the telephony duplication and getting rid of landlines that sit idle on the desk for most of the day, with minimum charges still payable for each line rental.

Beware of false cost savings

Cutting overheads is all about finding the clever IT alternatives, and not compromising on quality. Apparent savings can cost you if the quality is so poor that you need to replace your systems, or pay for costly engineer time on finding work-around solutions. VoIP is a prime example. It’s meant to be cheap but costs the earth in engineer time, new broadband connections, and you still end up saying ‘I can’t hear you. I’ll call you back from my mobile’.

Re-evaluate your contracts

Of course your usual telephony suppliers will want to tie you into inflexible long term contracts – they’re trying to make a profit too. But don’t commit to paying for 1000 mobile minutes a month if you’ll only use 200.