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SMBs, make technology work for you

14 May 15

SMBs in New Zealand should be taking advantage of the software solutions available to them to help their business run more efficiently, says Concur.

Smaller businesses are often willing to take risks that bigger organisations can’t, which frequently puts them at the forefront of innovation, according to Concur.

In addition, close ties to communities means they know what their customers need and want. 

Matt Goss, Concur managing director ANZ, says, “SMBs need to harness their advantages and pair those with emerging technologies to make them faster and more efficient, and keep them ahead of the competition.”

Concur has identified three things SMBs need to know to stay ahead.

1. Mobile isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. There are apps catered for every industry, each promising to help with efficiency, quality, mobility and more. Concur says mobile apps are, in fact, delivering value to SMBs.

From giving customers more options for communication, to using tools that let employees work faster and smarter, mobile functionality is becoming key to every aspect of business, Concur says.

SMBs should look for mobile-ready apps that provide better ways to work, freeing time and money so they can allocate resources to more important matters. Furthermore, they should also choose products that are easy to use and have a reputation to back up their claims, says Concur. 

2. Networking is key. Focusing on the business is what SMBs owners do well, however, it can be helpful to get in touch with other small businesses and keep up to date with what is happening in the industry.

Industry and networking events can be a good place to learn what’s new, as well as meet people who can help your business to grow, Concur says. 

3. Cloud-based solutions provide an edge. Cloud-based solutions are becoming more robust, more secure, and more vital, says Concur.

Before investing in expensive software or hardware, SMBs should take the time to find out if there is a service in the cloud that will help them manage data, applications and more.

By going through a third party, SMBs can reap all the rewards of services, such as data storage, ERP and mobile solutions without taking unnecessary risks, according to Concur.