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Social Media Charity Crazes - will there be another ice bucket challenge?

Enough with the stupid challenges.

Social media is a great platform for charities to get the word out and showcase their cause. It’s a unique platform that not only targets different kinds of audiences, but allows people to spread the word.

And then came the ice bucket challenge. And those weird cryptic “where do you leave you handbag” status updates for breast cancer that doesn’t say anything about breast cancer. And any other social media craze that started off with the best of intentions, that only end up annoying people and taking the focus away from what the original charity was.

Don't get me wrong. I think anything the raises awareness for things that people might not have otherwise thought about is great.

There are a lot of people who did the ice bucket challenge and still donated. Then there are those who say they donated when they get asked but they actually didn’t. Then there are those who actually think posting a video of yourself getting a bucket of water dumped over you actually raises awareness for whatever charity the ice bucket challenge was for. Can you remember what it was? After all those videos, does anyone even remember what it was they were supporting?

When you pop your change into a collection bin, or slip your two bucks into those little cardboard boxes at the gas station to get yourself a daffodil, you know your giving to the cause, that you’re change is helping, even if it’s just a little bit. Liking a charity’s page or telling someone how great they are for doing the ice bucket challenge isn’t helping anyone. Doing the ice bucket challenge isn’t helping anyone. Doing the ice bucket challenge and giving money to a charity you support, well that’s just all kinds of greatness. Thank you.

I don’t mean to offend anyone. I really hope that when you join in on these crazes you are trying your best at supporting people who suffer. But there are so many ways you can help that’s just as easy as liking a status. When I left my old job, they asked me what I wanted for a leaving gift. I asked if everyone could bring in dog food and blankets that I could take to animal welfare.

I posted that on Facebook and it resulted in heaps of other people doing the same thing. So when social media has results, it’s definitely a good thing. You just don’t want it to become more about the craze than the cause.