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Sony DES offers up digital signage for the smartphone generation

Sony Digital Entertainment Services says its new Magictron 4K interactive signage will change digital signage and enable consumers to be part of a brand while enjoying interactive experiences.

The Magictron creates commercial photographs of consumers, which is then sharable via smartphones, using SNS.

Information about the product or brand can also be sent to the smartphone.

A mobile version of Magictron is also available, applying various creative effects, triggered by users motions or face expressions, to selfie videos which are sent to a specially programmed website.

The videos – complete with ‘creative’ effects – can then be shared.

Sony Digital Entertainment Services says the offering is digital signage advertisements for the smartphone generation, allowing consumers to engage with a product or brand via interactive experiences.

“With the image recognition technology, the reflection figure of a consumer in the large monitor produces various creative effects, reacting to the consumer such as body motions, face expressions and voices’, Sony Digital Entertainment Services says.

“Magictron will change the digital signage all over the world into interactive promotion experience that consumers can participate [in].”

Sony DES says Magictron is targeted at both in-store and OOH promotional campaigns seeking to stimulate marketing buzz through social media.

The company says Magictron understands the distance between the camera and a person, and shows interactive animations surrounding the person.

It also recognises specific objects and designs, and facial expressions to show corresponding ‘effects’.

Magictron will be showcased at SXSW2016 in Austin, Texas this week.