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Standing desks: Embrace your inner dork

A father-son entrepreneurial team based in New South Wales have come up with a solution: ZestDesk, the world’s first portable adjustable standing desk.

It’s proven that sitting down for extended periods of time can have a negative impact on your health, especially for office workers. Believed to reduce health problems and up productivity, standing desks are becoming more widely used. With this in mind, James Moore, along with his father, Dr Peter Moore, invented the hardware product.

ZestDesk is an attachment that can turn any table into a standing desk in 30 seconds and be packed away when not in use into a carrier case. This enables offices to embrace the standing desk trend without having to purchase a whole new range of desks.

“The biggest elements holding back the mass adoption of standing desks are the price point and lack of flexibility,” said Moore. “Individuals and companies want a solution that is adjustable, can be easily moved to match needs and doesn’t involve throwing out existing furniture.”

There are two levels, a higher one for your monitor and one for your keyboard and mouse - no hunching included. It’s also made out of anodised aluminium as this is a strong, lightweight material.

Moore came up with the idea for the desk and a business plan while he was with iAccelerate, the University of Wollongong initiative that is designed to help students build and grow their business.

The program has done just this for Moore, as what begun as an idea for personal health has transformed into a start-up company with their first hardware product.

To find out more about ZestDesk, you can head over to the website.