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The StartUp Show comes to New Zealand

At the beginning of this month he hit comedy panel series known as The StartUp Show will make its way to Auckland and Wellington. The show aims to educate, inform and uncover the best upcoming start-ups in each region that it visits.

As part of a free ten city tour throughout Australia and New Zealand, the team from That StartUp Show will bring together those both new to and already established in the start-up community, and ignite discussion around launching highly scalable businesses.

The tour will consist of episodes screenings from That StartUp Show, including What the BLEEP is a startup?, Show Me the Money - Adventures in Venture Capital, People: The Best Capital You’ll Ever Raise, This Start Up Life - The Truth about Creating a Start-up Behind The Scenes, The New Breed of CEO, and the Advisers Behind Them and Companies that [Will] Change the World.

The tour will feature an informative question and answer session with Anna Reeves, That StartUp Show CEO co- founder and series creator, and Ahmed Salama, the show's co-founder and creative director.

It will also include key influential speakers from the start-up community in each city, including Tyson Hackwood, Braintree APAC head; Seb Eckersley Maslin, Blue Chilli CEO; Jana Matthews, Centre for Business Growth ANZ chair and director; David Swan, tech journalist; and Steve Baxter, Rivercity founder.

Each audience member will have opportunity to pitch their start-up idea in 30 seconds to their peers in attendance as well as to the key play-makers of the start-up industry.

With season one of the series clocking up nearly one million online downloads since launch April 22nd, the Australian and New Zealand tour is supported by PayPal payments powerhouse Braintree.

“People often think a start-up is a couple of teenagers in a garage building an app. Startups are in fact vital businesses in our economy,” says Reeves, the creator of the show.

“They are capable of fast scale growth and considered a disruptive innovation globally. We need to be supporting these emerging high growth companies who are using technology and innovation to tackle large and often global markets.

“That StartUp Show seeks to shine a light on what is happening in the startup ecosystem in our part of the globe,” she says.

“It’s truly incredible what we’re seeing. We’re on a mission to unearth another wave of the brightest startup brains and encourage a culture of innovation and support. We want Australia and the world to see how vibrant the startup landscape is,” says Salama the show’s co-founder and creative director.

Tour dates and locations:

  • Auckland on Wednesday December 9 at Bizdojo - Suite 108, Ironbank 150 Karangahape Rd
  • Wellington on Thursday December 10 at Bizdojo - 115 Tory St, Te Aro