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State-of-the-art interactive 3D wayfinding comes to buildings

Digital signage and wayfinding provider 22Miles has launched new touchscreen 3D wayfinding digital signage packages it says will provide state-of-the-art interactive 3D wayfinding for buildings.

The company says the offering is expected to appeal to businesses including hospitals, hotels, retail stores, campuses, malls and large corporate buildings.

“With any building directional routing should be an easily managed experience for any patron,” 22Miles says. “Unfortunately, there always seems to be a missed opportunity to provide visitiors with simple wayfinding through normal static signage, or even other forms of established digital offerings.”

Chad Bogan, 22Miles director of distribution, says the Waytouch Premier is designed to mee the needs of any building in search of a comprehensive wayfinding solution.

The company says the Waytouch Premier offers a reliable and intuitive wayfinding application for digital displays, kiosks and mobile phones and can cater to projects from a small building to a rollout to thousands of rooms across multiple campuses.

The offering includes a built-in smart search keyboard enabling visitors to type and scroll through individual names, rooms or destinations, and a smart pathway intelligent algorithm which provides the shortest path and ease of accessibility to a destination.

Directions can also be sent to a smartphone if required and the offering also includes 3D map views along with a range of other views including fly over view, and eagle view.

Product integration can also be included, with icons and advertisements appearing on the touchscreen. For example, where women’s shoes are listed, an advertisement can appear with the MapIt button which, once clicked provides turn-by-turn directions to the item or promotion.

Google Maps can also be integrated to create a real-time category list of businesses.