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Tax calculator for iphone

01 Dec 2010

Employers can tear up the tax deduction tables and calculate PAYE using an application now available for the iPhone and iPad.NZ PAYE lets you simply punch in the tax codes and numbers to get the PAYE, Kiwisaver, student loan and net income values for the particular period.  The app’s unique features include:

  • The latest tax data (01 October 2010) has been updated
  • Complete offline access
  • Weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly and monthly PAYE deductions are enabled
  • Annual net income & ACC Levy calculations
  • Both Primary and Secondary employment calculations are enabled.
The app’s developer, Xlago, claims you can calculate PAYE with virtually "zero” mistakes. NZ PAYE can be downloaded from iTunes for $4.19 ( Windows 7 and Android versions are in development.