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The benefits of internet calling / Voip

01 Jan 2011

If you’re not using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you’re probably paying too much for your phone service and getting too little.The large New Zealand telco providers have been reluctant to introduce VoIP because traditional technologies are so profitable. Inthe US, VoIP was the best performing industry in terms of revenue growth over the past decade and is forecast to continue as such over the coming decade. In all international markets, most major telecommunications providers and businesses have migrated or are moving to VoIP.The driver for this change is the many benefits that VoIP can offer a business including:

  • Cost savings
  • Location independence
  • Better service options
  • Capacity
  • Choice
  • Single network
Cost savingsFundamentally, VoIP makes more efficient use of communications infrastructure, so the costs of providing a service are lower when compared with traditional technology. This, combined with a greater level of competition, means savings to you, the customer.Location independenceWith VoIP, wherever you’ve got a network connection you can access your phone service at no extra cost.  Moving premises is a nightmare with traditional telecommunications. With VoIP it’s easy and you can take your numbers with you, saving costly redirections.Service optionsWith VoIP you have access to a broader range of services and these are often included in the price. Some examples include the name of the person calling (not just the number), video calling, integration with CRM and email systems, and voicemail recordings delivered to your email address.CapacityBy making use of your internet connection, VoIP enables you to have many (10 or more) simultaneous conversations over one physical wire.ChoiceWith VoIP you have a much greater range of choice to find a match for your needs. You can choose a provider that’s focused on your business type rather than one that’s more interested in large corporate accounts. You can choose from a large range of devices, from low-cost adaptors that work with your existing phones, through to dedicated VoIP phones with large colour displays and video capability. You can even connect your cellphone up.One networkThe data network is now critical to the efficient operation of most businesses. So why operate and maintain a second (phone) network? When staff move, new staff join or staff change, you traditionally need a telecommunications expert’s involvement. With VoIP, on the other hand, you just plug into the existing network and you’re away.VoIP is now mainstream technology internationally, which means that’s where all the major vendors are investing. If you’re still spending money on traditional technologies or tying your business into a long-term contract, then you’re probably wasting money.Next month we’ll talk about why you should outsource your phone system (just like your email and web servers)