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The great Dot Kiwi domain name auction gets underway...

07 Mar 2014 is giving regular Kiwis one of the first opportunities to purchase some of the most sought after .kiwi domain names.

From today until the 17th of March are auctioning more than 100 sought-after domain names on Trade Me. These are all being auctioned off at either a dollar reserve, or significantly below market value.

As a Kiwi company, are very excited to give other New Zealanders the first bite of the cherry, and expect fierce bidding to reflect Kiwis pride at being able to say: “This is who I am.”

The auctions will be open for approximately 72 hours and have been split into five categories. The first set of domain names for sale will be names such as and This will be followed by technology themed domain names, then business, Kiwiana and food, and finally tourism.

From to and to, there is something for everyone.

“The first wave of .kiwi domain names are set to come online on March 18th, so the people and organisations that purchase these domain names will lead the way for New Zealand’s internet evolution," says Tim Johnson, CEO, Dot Kiwi.

".kiwi is for people and businesses wanting to associate with New Zealand’s culture. It offers greater choice, branding creativity and the opportunity to differentiate your business from competitors."

Top ten picks:

1. – $1 reserve

2. – $1 reserve

3. – $1 reserve

4. – $1 reserve

5. – $1 reserve

6. – $150 reserve

7. – $150 reserve

8. – $500 reserve

9. – $1,000 reserve

10. – $2,000 reserve