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Trade Me pros offered twin sales tools

01 May 2012

SMBs and high-volume Trade Me sellers are being offered a double-shot of convenience in the form of a partnership between ecommerce platform Tradevine and supply chain specialists BrightStar.

The offering, EasyTrade, provides a complete fulfilment service, from receiving and storing stock to picking it, packing it and transporting it to purchasers.

All the seller has to do is have their stock sent to the BrightStar address. The system uses Tradevine’s software, so integrates with the Tradevine platform as well as Trade Me itself.

That means the minute an order is completed on Trade Me, it flows into Brightstar’s system for immediate dispatch.According to Tradevine CEO Peter Montgomery, the partnership came about when the two companies discovered they were both working on the same fulfilment proposition.

"We found that we were both fielding fulfilment enquiries from Trade Me users,” Montgomery says, "and realised that we could work together to bring the EasyTrade service to market.”

The Tradevine platform has only been up and running for around six months, achieving its first $1 million in processed sales in January 2012.