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Tuanz aids Kiwi businesses to leap into digital future

Kiwi businesses have another avenue to gain assistance in making the leap into the digital future, with Tuanz launching a new online tool to help businesses improve their use of online services, presence and technology.

Innovation Partnership research shows businesses making effective use of the internet are 74% more productive than businesses not online, and Innovation Partnership says the New Zealand economy could add $34 billion if businesses made more effective use of the internet.

With that in mind the telecommunications industry body Tuanz has launched the Tuanz Digital Journey tool, which enables businesses to quickly see how well they are currently using online technology.

At the end of the 10 minute assessment a personalised action plan is provided explaining how the business can improve their use of online services, online presence and technology.

Craig Young, Tuanz chief executive, says the industry body recognises the need to assist businesses in the new digital economy by identifying ways they can improve their business effectiveness.

The Tuanz version of Digital Journey has been modified slightly to cater more specificially to Tuanz members, however, Young says it can be used equally successfully by all New Zealand businesses.

Young says he used the tool for Tuanz itself, and it enabled him to more accurately highligh priority areas of work for the organisation in its own internet use.

“The launch of this Tuanz tool also enables us to gauge the overall readiness of our members and will assist us in ensuring our programmes and services are aimed at meeting their needs.”

The Digital Journey assessment tool was developed by the Digital Office, a not-for-profit organisation formed to help businesses and communities maximize their use of the internet.

The latest version of Digital Journey allows organisations to set up the tool under their own brand, and provide it directly to their members. The assessment questions and advice can be tailored to suit particular audiences.

This week’s launch of the Tuanz offering is the first to be provided by an organisation as a service for its members.