Twitter hopes to dominate apps with Fabric

24 Oct 14

Twitter has announced Fabric at its Flight conference, taking the social media platform into the world of apps.

Fabric is a modular mobile platform aimed at developers, designed to make it easier to build, grow, monetise and distribute apps.

Fabric is made up of three modular kits and focuses on providing a solution for the most common and pervasive challenges that are faced when building apps. It includes tools for crash reporting, app log-ins, embedding and sharing Twitter posts and measuring ad effectiveness.

Combining the services of Crashlytics, MoPub, Twitter and more, it aims to enable better stability, distribution and the ability to generate revenue and create a distinct identity.

Using Twitter’s sign-in systems and streams of real time content is how Fabric helps with distribution, and it is also through this that developers can create a simpler identity.

Crashlytics, Twitter’s crash reporting system; Digits, the log in tool that uses phone numbers as opposed to passwords; and tools to embed Twitter content into the apps and post to the social media page with iOS or Android are some of the special features of Fabric.

Ease of use is another feature of Fabric. You can install the platform in minutes and most features only require a few lines of code, ensuring developers can spend less time on managing SDKs and more time building an experience for users.

The free platform is about building apps and giving developers greater freedom and tools, while also embedding Twitter into the world of apps.

“We believe this is the future of mobile software development,” says Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO.

Click here to find out more about Fabric.

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