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Uber cuts commuting costs with new ride share option for Aucklanders

19 Sep 2016

Battling traffic is one of the biggest problems for commuters, and now Aucklanders can ride share just a little easier with the launch of Uber Driver Destinations.

The company says that ride sharing will be made easier, as the app will enable users to share rides on their morning or evening commutes to work.

Users can share rides with a neighbour or somebody in the same area who is also heading the same way.

For example, a user who lives in Albany and works in the CBD can select their destination. The system will then match them with other riders in the area who are also travelling to the CBD, or back to albany in the evening.

The company says this will help keep the cost of getting to and from work lower, as well as providing a safe and reliable way for riders to get to and from work. And of course, getting a few more cars out of the snarling Auckland traffic.

Currently 2000 Aucklanders are sharing rides, with one in three driving fewer than 10 hours per week. The company says that with those statistics, ride sharing requires an hour or two per day to help pay the bills.

Uber has been one of the world's biggest success stories, and is facing international competition from Google. Google recently launched Waze in the United States, even though the company put significant investment in Uber three years ago.

Uber is currently available in Auckland and 506 other cities across the globe.