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Unfiltered removes paywall to become a free entrepreneur resource

10 May 2018

Unfiltered has announced that it will be removing the paywall from, opening its business learning platform to users worldwide for free from Thursday, May 10.

Until now, Unfiltered required users to purchase a subscription to access its extensive library of insightful, curated video content that shares advice from some of the most celebrated business minds in the world, including entrepreneurs Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, WeWork co-founder Miguel McKelvey and Sequoia Capital founder Don Valentine.

Unfiltered’s 22-year-old co-founder and CEO Jake Millar says that by opening its platform up and moving towards a more viral strategy, it can now help ambitious entrepreneurs everywhere learn business fast, no matter who or where they are.

“Ever since we were founded, one of our core beliefs has been that every aspiring business leader in the world should have access to the best advice and knowledge available,” he says.  

“We have been producing so much content with some of the best business leaders on the planet, however with our existing model only a fraction of the entrepreneurs and aspiring founders who can truly benefit from what we are creating currently have access.

“Increasing accessibility will allow us to have a bigger impact and change more lives.”

Unfiltered is dedicated to challenging the norm and disrupting the way people learn about business and entrepreneurship.

The Kiwi-founded, New York-based startup has worked with founders, CEOs, investors and entrepreneurs worldwide to provide insightful business case studies for its subscribers.

Since it was founded in November 2015, Unfiltered has filmed over 220 interviews with some of the world’s greatest business leaders (including over 20 founders and CEOs of ‘unicorn’ companies), attracting over 25 million video views across its platforms since launch.

Recent interviews include Slack co-founder and CTO Cal Henderson, Trello co-founder Joel Spolsky, The Honest Company co-founder Christopher Gavigan, Square co-founder Jim McKelvey, Brandless co-founder and CEO Tina Sharkey, Kabam co-founder Holly Liu and DocuSign Chairman Keith Krach.

Interviews are highly curated and broken up into macro sections including raising capital, culture, leadership, technology, product market fit, marketing, brand, innovation and global business.

All content is published on, as well as on the Unfiltered App, and is available on HD video, podcast and transcript.

Unfiltered board director Rob Fyfe is excited for this shift to take place.

“We started as a disrupter, and as we look at media and education platforms globally all clambering to set up and hide their content behind paywalls, we at Unfiltered believe our future lies in the other direction, by democratising and freeing up access to valuable content.”

By removing the paywall, Unfiltered’s pool of potential interviewees will significantly increase.

Since the platform will be free for all and distribution will be significantly greater, Millar and his team will now be able to attract a much larger pool of globally-recognised interviewees.

“We have always obsessed about being able to share the knowledge and wisdom of the world’s most successful business leaders and inspiring business brilliance.

“We have built one of the most impactful content libraries for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and creators, and now we want the world to see it,” Millar says.
The Unfiltered model will be built around strategic partnerships, content marketing, high impact live events, advertising and other exciting developments currently underway including a new enterprise platform for rapidly scaling companies, launching later this year, which Millar says “will be a major part of Unfiltered’s future business model.”

Unfiltered is also currently in discussion with some of the largest publishers and technology companies in the world, exploring global content sharing and distribution partnerships, to help Unfiltered achieve mass distribution in the United States and globally. 

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