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US Air Force Academy Falcons fly high with new digital display

The US Air Force Academy Falcon fans are flying high thanks to a new digital signage upgrade at Colorado’s Falcon Stadium which is expected to provide a unique game-day experience.

The new installation, courtesy of Daktronics, includes end zone and fascia LED displays as well as the first digital audio façade in a collegiate venue.

John Olsen, Daktronics audio sales representative, says the installation means athletic marketing departments can use the face of a sound cabinet for dynamic video content and advertising, with more space for an even larger live video display.

"We have worked hard on the acoustically transparent, patented digital audio façade," Olsen says.

“With the ability to move ad content off the main video board, a larger in-game image is available. The new larger sound system enhances an even larger live video display,” he adds.

Daktronics says the digital audio façade provides an acoustically transparent video display space in front of the speaker system above the main end zone video display at Falcon Stadium.

Constructed of linear freeform LED elements, it provides an additional 360 square feet of dynamic video space in the place of commonly used static signage, with the display measuring nine feet high by 40 foot wide and featuring 30mm line spacing.

The custom-designed sound system behind the digital audio façade will feature 14 large-format loudspeakers and extended low frequency subwoofers.

Powered by 16 Crown Audio amplifiers, the system delivers an average sound pressure level of 100 dBA.

The end zone video display will measure approximately 31 feet high by 83 feet wide and will feature a 13HD pixel layout with excellent image clarity, contrast and wide angle visibility.

Daktronics says it is capable of variable content zoning allowing it to show one large image or be divided into multiple smaller windows to show any combination of live video, instant replays, up-to-the-minute statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

Two auxiliary displays will be installed below the end zone display and four ribbon displays will be installed along the seating fascia of the stadium.

Each auxiliary display will measure approximately 11 feet high by 19 feet wide and each ribbon display will measure roughly 3 feet high by 50 feet wide. All six of these displays will feature 13HD pixel layouts and provide the opportunity to highlight sponsors throughout events as well as supplement the content shown on the end zone display.

Mark Johnson, Daktronics regional manager, says "This is an exciting project to be a part of as Daktronics installs the first audio façade application in a college setting at Falcon Stadium.

“The combination of video displays being installed at this venue will provide a unique game-day experience for Falcons fans. We're looking forward to seeing everything installed and working together to create an entertainment destination for fans this coming season."

The installation is due for completion in Northern Spring.