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USB s spread malware – survey

01 Oct 10

USB devices are a major emerging threat to the security of data in SMEs, according to a survey conducted by Panda Security.

The 2nd International Security Barometer surveyed small-tomedium sized businesses in 21 countries worldwide. It found that almost half the businesses surveyed had been infected by a worm in the past year, a quarter of them being spread via USB devices.

PandaLabs says many computer infections are being designed especially for USB devices, which include DVD drives, mobile phones and mp3 players, as well as those very handy little storage sticks that many of us carry around.

Businesses need to warn staff of the dangers of using USB devices to move files. The ‘autorun’ feature on PCs that opens up files as soon as the device is inserted, should be disabled to give antivirus software a chance to scan the device first.