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Userful provides Lightning fans with mosaic video walls

Tampa Bay Lightning NHL fans are being treated to a new experience following the implementation of a series of state-of-the-art mosaic style video walls at the Amalie Arena.

The walls, from centralised display software vendor Userful and deployed by AV integrator Pro Sound, display views of the city and other local attractions at ultra-high definition 4K resolution.

Userful says the four video walls have been turned into ‘pieces of art with unique artistic layouts’.

The company says its Userful Network Video Wall, is the world’s first video wall solution to deliver 4K and larger content over the network in realtime from a single Core i7 PC.

“It offers the flexibility to rotate individual displays to any angle and allows the placement of displays anywhere on the video wall canvas giving customers the ability to create truly one of a kind digital art-walls while using 4k content,” Userful says.

Thirty-two displays - a mix of 55-inch displays and 22-inch square displays, were deployed across four video walls, each powered by a standard Intel Core i7 PC.

John Franzone, vice president of Game Presentation, says the uniquely-shaped video walls enhance the club and suite levels of the arena.

“We were able to go live quickly by virtue of its configuration console [Userful Control Center],” Franzone says.

“The Userful platform definitely took our headaches away by its means of mapping content for the video mosaics. 

“Now when we create new content, we know the system will support it.”

Sean Miller, Pro Sound’s director of technical operations, says the Userful solution ’is a very simple solution’.

“The learning curve was about five to 10 minutes. Userful kept offering technical support, but it wasn’t necessary. It’s a very easy platform to use,” Miller says.

Tim Griffin, Userful founder and CTO, says for bustling multipurpose venues like the Amalie Arena, the solution can transform and adapt to provide attendees with a memorable visual experience, be it hockey games, concerts or a range of other activities.