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Visix unveils major update to AxisTV digital signage software

Visix has released a new version of its AxisTV digital signage software, which is now Windows 10 compatible.

The company says version 9.3 of the software is a ‘major update’, of the flagship content management software with feature enhancements including improved creation, ordering and scheduling tools.

AxisTV v9.3 features compatibility for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, easier reordering of playlist items, smarter scheduling tools, improved image handling in messages from templates, expanded support for Office 365 and more customisable event schedule messages.

Trey Hicks, Visix chief sales officer, dubs the update ‘robust and full featured’.

“The new version covers a full spectrum of enhancements, from expanded capability with Microsoft systems and software, to easier and more flexible use of our CMS features, to improvements under the hood,” Hicks says.

“Everything we’ve done is geared toward a better user experience and more seamless integration with the systems our customers use every day.”

Visix says AxisTV CMS is supported by a growing suite of Windows apps and version 9.3 includes updates to the Conference app with improved flexibility for naming rooms in event schedules.

The Design app also has improved previews and image handling and custom aspect ratios for imported content.

Software updates are free to all Visix clients with software maintenance agreements.