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Vodafone Hutchison dials up digital signage to increase market share

Vodafone Hutchison Australia has turned to digital signage to help increase its market share.

The telco is deploying more than 1200 displays in an effort to reduce its dependency and costs of printed point of sale material.

FujiFilm Australia has partnered with cloud-based digital signage software vendor Signagelive for the ‘expensive expansion programme by the MNO to increase its market share’, Signagelive says.

The digital signage network is based on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) and comprises more than 923 displays to date, with a further 300+ expected to be installed by the end of this year.

Fujifilm Australia won the tender process for the project because of its experience in retail digital networks, with Signagelive selected as the preferred digital signage platform provider.

The Samsung Smart Signage Platform, powered by Signagelive, provides Vodafone with a centralised facility to run and manage a countrywide digital signage network.

Content can be created, scheduled and managed on a local, regional or national basis, using Signagelive’s digital signage platform.

Signagelive claims its cloud-based technology offers significantly reduced installation, operational and energy costs compared to conventional digital signage options.

“This is our biggest Samsung Smart Signage Platform installation by far,” says Jason Cremins, Signagelive chief executive and owner.

“By integrating our SoC software into the FujiVision brand, Fujifilm has eliminated the need for onsite media players and has been able to cost effectively roll out a digital signage network that can be managed locally, centrally or remotely, using any device,” Cremins says.

Signagelive says the the driving business case for Vodafone was to reduce dependency on, and the cost of, printed point of sale material for promotional activities and move to a digital alternative to enhance brand awareness and provide a more engaging experience for consumers.

The vendor says digital signage offers ‘significant’ advantages over printed advertising, including time to market, the ability to engage and better total cost of ownership.