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Want to know how Zeald can make your website smarter?

10 Nov 15

Cabinet maker Matthew Hanna and carpenter Oscar Williams founded Adroit Builders in 2011. With the combined experience and knowledge of over 35 years, they offer unique design and solid construction to new home and renovation customers.

Their business dream is to create amazing homes for people in the greater Auckland region, “for homeowners who place great value on ‘old-school’ craftsmanship and clever design.”  

The pair also hope to grow their business, and provide their services to more clients in the Auckland region.

Being practical people, the owners realised that they needed to ensure a constant level of business. It isn't ideal to have ten projects one month and none the next. 

To avoid lowering staff levels or running over capacity, the website needed to generate great results fast, and it had to be able to turn those results on and off almost instantly.

The Challenge
Why Adroit Builders came to Zeald
Oscar and Matthew knew how to handle complicated build projects, but they found it difficult to convert that know-how into enquiries on their website. 

When they did have a prospective client in front of them, their knowledge and expertise more often than not closed the deal.

What Zeald needed to do was to highlight Adroit Builders’ extensive knowledge and experience, and to communicate that in such a way that it would increase the volume of the face-to-face meetings.

The Strategy
#1 Bring more people to the website
By researching the industry trends, analysing competitors and understanding the market, Zeald determined that the best option to drive fast traffic to the website was through Google AdWords. A highly targeted campaign allowed Zeald to "crank the dial" if Adroit were going through a quiet period, or turn it off completely should there be too much work coming through.

By itself, this type of approach can be quite risky. Spending all the marketing budget on Google AdWords can backfire if the website itself does not convert the visitors at a high enough rate to make up for the cost of reaching those visitors. 

Therefore, the website needs to be performing well to keep the strategy profitable.

#2 Communicate a persuasive point of difference 
Oscar and Matt have an awesome business; they do extremely high-quality work and are switched on when it comes to managing their projects. But creating a point of difference in the building industry is challenging. 

Competitors all have similar points of difference; they either compete on price or talk about "quality" without having enough detail to be persuasive.

Zeald stepped back and took the time to learn why someone should choose Adroit Builders and found the benefits revolved around their experience and care when working on a project.

To communicate this, Zeald created a page on Adroit's website listing the benefits of choosing Adroit Builders and directed AdWords traffic there.

The Results
• 50% more website visitors in the first month 
• 3X more enquiries for new homes and home rebuilds 
• Since starting with Zeald, Adroit have gone from working three houses a year to six
• This demand has also seen them increase their workforce

By running a Google AdWords campaign, Adroit can control the pipeline for new work coming through their website. They can turn website traffic up and down when they need to. 

By having this control of work, Adroit are now able to forecast and plan for the future of their business.

Talk to Zeald about online marketing today. Or to learn more about how to make your website smarter, click here

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