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Want to test your app? The Bug-a-thon contest is for you

04 Aug 2016

Today we live in a very app-oriented world. Think of any traditional practice and the common phrase “Oh there will be an app for that” will come to mind.

The problem for app developers is, how can they effectively test their app before it goes live? How can they ensure that it won’t collapse under the pressure of multiple users – or even fail to work at all from the outset?

99tests is a crowdsourced testing platform, which helps companies to test their software products by top-notch testing professionals. Crowdsourced usability testing is regarded as the most effective way to gain real, human insights about an app’s user-friendliness. It gives companies the opportunity to test their apps in real-world scenarios.

And it was for this reason that 99tests went out and created their Bug-a-thon contest, an attempt to allow companies easy access to crowdsourced testing, enabling insights to fix issues and make their apps beautiful and bug-free.

“This is a daily and free online event, where the registered apps that get the highest votes are put to the ultimate test by crowd testers,” says 99tests founder, Praveen Singh. “The winning apps get access to all the bugs logged by the crowd testers for free.”

To participate, users simply have to register for free, before providing the URL to their app on the Bug-a-thon portal. The top 10 apps of the day with the highest votes then become eligible to receive extensive app testing and gain access to 20-25 valid bugs. The winning app among the top 10 apps can access up to 50 bugs. The voting portal for the apps is open to all registered clients and software testers in the Bug-a-thon event.

At the end of the day, what have you got to lose – other than a whole lot of potential bugs within your app.

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