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Westfield Augmented Reality promo developed in NZ

24 Jul 2013

Kiwi start-up firm Imersia has partnered with 20th Century Fox, to provide an Augmented Reality treasure hunt in Westfield malls across New Zealand.

Specialising in the digital world, the company's latest Augmented Reality and Location Based gamification was used by the movie giants to provide an epic experience through out the country.

For those unfamiliar, augmented reality is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented, or supplemented, by computer-generated sensory input including sound, video or graphics.

"When you see kids (and adults) eyes light up and their mouths go WOW at the St Lukes Westfield Mall in Auckland, you know you have done something right," said Luigi Cappel, CCO, Imersia.

Kids start by colouring in a picture, before making their way around the actual treasure hunt experience. This is a diorama where the adventure begins as the children become leafmen just like in the movie epic.

Once they arrived at Nim’s place, Cappel said the children got to show off their artwork.

"They pointed their picture at a monitor and it morphed into an awesome little movie, coming right out of their picture," he said.

"Of course you really should go and see it for yourself. This is an awesome experience developed right here in New Zealand."

The key is that the application automatically knows which mall you are in (using the GPS in your mobile or tablet) and the analytics provide information about how many people completed the treasure hunt and how often and where each clue was captured.

"We feel that analytics are crucial to understanding the ROI of a campaign," Cappel said.

"Although when it comes to the experience, Word of Mouth will be bringing loads more kids to St Lukes and other Westfield Malls around New Zealand for this week of the school holidays.

To view a clip of the action, click here