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Who is Ora and why should you care?

02 Jul 2015

In March 2014 Christina Domecq and other investors purchased the bones of Localist from New Zealand Post.

At that stage the business was separated into two distinct businesses. One being the original recommendation engine called Localist, based in Ponsonby.

The other is a marketing services business, which has become Ora and based in Britomart on Auckland’s waterfront.

Ora isn't an advertising agency. It's a new type of marketing services business focused on the digital age.

Ora's tools will listen to each element of your online footprint, plus monitor your competitors and pull it together into a central online dashboard. It brings together stats from your Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Google Analytics, Adwords and much more.

This dashboard is then the tool that Ora and you would huddle around to create your plan of attack. The objective being to develop online marketing solutions to move your digital numbers into the stratosphere.

Just recently these systems have changed from monitoring your own digital footprint to also monitoring your competitors'.

The service is used by over 3000 small and medium-sized businesses in New Zealand already. Aggressive expansion is underway to bring the services to tens of thousands more.

One of the ways that Ora is giving back is its Dreams Awards programme. In which Kiwi businesses share their digital aspirations with Ora who grant up to $50k of marketing services to make the dreams a reality.

More information about Ora and the Dreams Awards programme can be found here.