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Why your business needs MY HR...

For any small business thinking of growing and taking on more employees, the complexities of contracts and keeping up to date with ever changing human resource practices can often be daunting.

Fortunately for Kiwi businesses there is My HR (MYHR), celebrating its first birthday and having over 100 registered businesses using its services and expertise.

With over 14 years experience in HR for global companies such as Shell, founder Jason Enor has an extensive background in employment law, people management and he has even consulted with the Minister of Labour on changes to the Employment Relations Act.

Enor draws on his many interactions and experiences with people from all walks of life and treating people with respect whilst not forming any pre-judgements is a principle that flows through My HR today;

"The law is one thing, but when you're faced with real people and real emotion, navigating the legal framework without losing sight of humans is what makes for good HR practice," he says.

MYHR has evolved as a response to a real need - Enor's business partner runs a small business and he has always been in large corporates.

"For years I helped him with his HR needs, one day after a surf we were talking and he lamented at the lack of quality support for businesses like his, he felt every time he Googled “HR” he was confronted with alienating, text-heavy websites and no pricing transparency," he says.

"So we hit on the idea of providing good HR support online; clearly defined, easy to understand and upfront pricing.

"We all know NZ is a country of small businesses yet there is very little for them in this space. Small business owners are time-poor and cash-flow is key.

"Our model gives the business network of NZ something they’ve never had before and they’re loving it.

"We weren’t chasing a SaaS model initially. We developed a solution in response to a real need and SaaS became the most obvious delivery mechanism.

MYHR is a complete employment package, with the company hosting a secure account for all members and holding all their employment documents. Each member can have multiple log-ins, defined by departmental security access if required.

They don not set arbitrary limits on things, there’s no lock-in contract, it’s month to month. They don’t charge for extra users either, the price model is linked to the real work which is dictated by number of employees in the business and there is no storage limit, they just ask that members only store employment related documents.

The service is comprehensive, if you look at the “life-cycle” of an employee MYHR provide support at every stage and support is fully customised to the member’s needs, it is not a template database, and completed documents are tailored to the business, ready to be used.

MYHR services cover:

* Recruitment

* Induction

* Performance reviews

* All day-to-day people related issues and queries

* Disciplinary (up to dismissal)

* Restructure and redundancy

* Exit interviews… and then back to recruitment.

Plus MYHR a proactive service and are always looking out for changes to employment law and updating members as needed.

"They don’t have to worry about this part of their business any more, we are their HR support," Enor adds.

Launched on 15 April 2013, today MYHR have over 1,000 employees in their system that they are the “HR Manager” for. These employees are now spread across the 100 organisations on full membership.

"Plus we have another 70 organisations trialling our service," he adds.

"What I really like is how diverse our membership is. Basically any organisation that has an employee has a need for MYHR.

"We have retailers, cafes, Iwi, web developers, media buyers, bars, designers, builders, plumbers, plasterers, earthworks contractors, food and drink manufacturers, a charity… you name it.

"It means we get involved in all sorts. Our members really represent the employment landscape of NZ. It’s very cool."

So what does the rest of 2014 and beyond mean for kiwi businesses and MYHR?

"With the recent reports about business optimism and New Zealand’s “rock-star” economy I think we’re set for some busy times across all industries in New Zealand," Enor adds.

"With the expected growth rates coupled with ever tightening employment law having a system like MYHR becomes essential.

"The administrative efficiency coupled with the legal peace-of-mind makes it a great service for growing kiwi organisations."