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Xero debuts Android accounting app

05 Oct 2012

Xero has released an app for Android device users, claiming 50% of small business owners are interested in mobile accounting.

According to their latest findings, the accounting software provider says the majority of small businesses (73%) state their biggest financial stressors are managing revenue, expenses and collecting overdue payments.

Available on iOS, the Xero Touch app contains features which give users instant insight into where their business stands, allowing the checking of account and credit card balances, as well as detailed descriptions of transactions.

Benefits that small business users can gain from using the Xero Touch app include:

• No more delayed invoices meaning users can create invoices on the spot from their phone, as inventory functionality makes it fast and easy to itemize invoices. With customer contact details available in the app, Xero says new invoices can be emailed right away and overdue invoices can be followed up on with a call and re-sent with just a few taps.

• No more lost receipts. Gone are the days of crumpled expense receipts lurking in pants and purse pockets accord to the company, as users can snap photos of receipts that are then instantly uploaded into their accounts. Expenses can be submitted right from their phone.

Xero says real-time services allowing small businesses to be nimble are critical for a business’s success and prosperity.

Results shows 66% of small business owners confirming they access business apps from a mobile device, and 43% do so at least once a day. Of those same small business owners, 58% says their mobile devices made business more efficient, and 50% say they would be interested in mobile accounting tools.

“As a small business owner, I am constantly in five places at once,” says Caitlin MacGregor, cofounder of

“Xero Touch made overseeing and understanding finances convenient for the first time. While there still is stress with operating a business, I now feel I can concentrate more on business development, staff, and production."

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