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Xero offers quote feature to help SMB growth

Xero has announced the launch of a new integrated quoting feature in the latest version of Xero.

“Xero now puts SMBs completely in control of their sales workflow and allows them to easily collaborate with their advisors to scale their business without ever having to leave their accounting platform or pay for costly add-ons,” the company says.

“Quotes is another step in our journey to establish Xero as the complete platform for small businesses growth”, says Rod Drury, CEO, Xero.

“As online accounting is starting to exceed the features of desktop software, we’re now able to look specifically at how to help small business make more money,” he says. “Robust and integrated processes around quotes and estimates are a great way to improve small businesses performance.”

In a recent global survey, Xero says 61% of its small business customers experienced revenue growth in the past 12 months compared to 33% of the total small business market. “Successful businesses are already using Xero and Quotes will further enhance this revenue growth by having more visibility and control over the sales process,” the accounting software firm says.

Xero says Quotes enables small businesses to improve visibility of their sales pipeline. “By providing better management, Xero users have more opportunities to secure more work for their business.”

SMBs will be able to rapidly respond to business opportunities, as Quotes can be created anytime, anywhere. “Fast turnaround of quotes improves the likelihood of winning new business - and getting more time to work on tasks that add value,” Xero says.

The company says using quotes allows small businesses to agree to terms with their customers, reducing ambiguity and ensuring that everyone is clear on what it is delivered, and when the job is to be paid.

“Integration with Xero’s invoicing capabilities ensure that work can be seamlessly tracked and charged for. The end result: small businesses get paid faster.”’