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Xero releases multitasking on iPad

Accounting software firm Xero has released a split-screen feature for iPad designed to increase productivity for small businesses running Xero software of iPad Air or iPad Pro.

“Mobile technology has completely revolutionised how we work, making us more productive while on the go with smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables,” the company says.

Split-screen multitasking enables iPad users to use two apps side by side at the same time, a feature previously reserved for their laptop.

Prior to Xero’s support for this feature, users had to close Xero for iOS to open a browser.

“Convenience and efficiency are two of the reasons people use mobile devices to get things done,” says Xero product manager Luke Gumbley.

“We're really excited about split-screen multitasking. A whole host of tasks that previously gave people cause to put down their iPad and log in to their laptop are now just as easy to do on their iPad,” he says.

“Business owners tell us they want more efficiency in their business operations to save them time,” Gumbley explains.

“The key is to ensure they have access to the right tools for the right task, no matter their size. Xero’s split screen for multitasking app on iPads will give back business owners their valuable time,” he says.

Gumbley says 73% of the world’s population now use mobile technology. “This means the majority of people can connect to the internet, and they aren’t limited to their desktop computers,” he says.

“This global movement to mobile technology is completely changing the way we work.”

Xero users can now view orders from their customers while creating an invoice, create expense claims with the receipt open side by side, find an advisor in the Advisor Directory while using the app, and make video calls to a customer (via FaceTime) with their invoice open.

Gumbling continues, “Xero is continually embracing new innovations and opportunities for our users, releasing more than 1200 product updates in the last year alone.

“This rapid pace of innovation combined with close partnerships with leading technology companies enables our users to capitalize on tools which help their productivity,” he says.

The company has also extended the mobile functionality in the Xero Me app so employees can apply for leave and view their pay history – all from their mobile. Managers can view and approve or decline leave requests in the app.

Touch support on iPhone 6s devices has also been updated so users can peek and pop into invoices, receipts and contacts in addition to the existing support for Quick Actions to create invoices and receipts.