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Xero says hello to iPad

Accountancy software provider Xero has announced that the Xero platform is now available on the Apple iPad via Apple iTunes.

“Xero has been redesigned to complement the simple aesthetic principles and unique capabilities of the Apple iPad,” the company says in a statement.

Xero is used millions of times a week on Apple devices worldwide.

Xero says the ‘Xero Everywhere’ strategy is delivering small business tools and insights through a common interface, regardless of the platform or device form factor.

“This makes it simple and easy for entrepreneurs and owners to stay in touch with their numbers from any device or location,” Xero says. “Soon this will include delivering notifications to wearables and other devices.”

Customer research undertaken by Xero established that the number one reason for switching to Xero was the lack of mobility provided by traditional accounting software.

Nearly 70% of Xero users use tablets for their business reflecting the shift in the way owners and advisors work – quickly flipping between the web and mobile apps and requiring instant access to critical business information, regardless of device and location.

“’Accountants and bookkeepers can stay productive using Xero’s app when in between client meetings or at home,” the company says. “Client accounts are easily accessible for reconciling data or addressing questions.”

Xero also announced that it has released three small business guides, providing small businesses with best practice advice and business tips. All three are available for free from the iTunes store.

“Customers benefit from Xero’s free No Wait Support. Users simply log any issues or queries inside the application and a qualified Xero specialist makes contact to resolve any problems,” Xero says.

“This means small business owners don't waste time waiting on the phone to talk to an often inexperienced call center representative.

It adds, “Xero staff provide support in their country of business, ensuring relevance for the user.”

Today we go beyond just delivering the world’s most beautiful accounting application on any device,” says Angus Norton, chief product officer, Xero. “We are realising our vision of optimising Xero to increase the productivity of small business owners on the world’s most popular devices.”

He says, “Xero for the iPad is the most compelling small business application available today, making it simple and easy for people to manage and grow their businesses.”

“We are eight weeks into 2015 and have delivered over 100 updates to Xero for small businesses,” Norton adds. “We will continue to express our Xero Everywhere strategy by optimising for more and more devices in 2015, including wearables.”

“We are seeing a shift in the way owners run and manage their small businesses,” says Andy Lark, chief marketing officer. “They are moving across devices and locations while completing a single task. And, they want access to critical information with a touch, while on the move.

Lark says, “Optimising Xero for the iPad answers that need and furthers Xero’s lead on legacy software providers.”