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Xero teams up with Meridian Energy

Accounting software firm Xero has today announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with Meridian Energy to help Kiwi businesses manage their electricity finances. 

The partnership will see Meridian’s online energy tool MyMeridian connect to Xero’s online accounting software. 

Meridian is the first electricity retailer to integrate with Xero Business Connect and from 1 September 2015, Meridian business customers will no longer have to manually type in the details of their electricity bill into their Xero account. 

“We recognise that for most Kiwi businesses, time is money. We’re committed to finding ways to make life easier for customers,” says  Alan McCauley, Meridian general manager retail. “The system integration with Xero is the first of many innovative features and products we plan to roll out to customers.” 

Victoria Crone, Xero New Zealand managing director, adds, “We’re thrilled that Meridian Energy is now part of Xero Business Connect, so that critical business processes, like invoice payment and reconciliation, can be completed with ease and without having to manually enter data. 

“Invoices can now be automagically sent from Meridian Energy directly into Xero, and documentation and information can be sent seamlessly between the two,” she says. 

“Our research shows that Xero customers are more likely to have business plans and financial goals, as they are freed up from tasks like manual data entry,” Crone explains. “This means our small business customers can save time and focus on what really matters to help their business thrive.”

McCauley says Meridian Energy has a commitment to 100% renewable electricity generation, and as a result has a reputation for being a sustainable choice and a trusted retailer to hundreds of thousands of homes, farms and businesses.

He says the collaboration with Xero, which has more than 150,000 subscribers in New Zealand, is a step towards Meridian extending its tailored offering to the small-to-medium business market.