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Yamaha Music customers get interactive with digital signage

An interactive digital signage network created by Signagelive and design and creative services agency Mindbomb, is being used by Yamaha Music to promote and support product launches and artist appearances as well as for on-demand staff training – and as a closing tool.

The offering includes the deployment of a company-wide digital signage network and a purpose-built web application for smartphones that allows customers at stores across Europe to interact with instore promotions and browse different music genres using their smartphone’s web browser, increasing customer engagement and improving overall sales.

Signagelive says it incorporated Mindbomb’s purpose-built web service and smartphone interface into the core technology platform to provide a centralised digital signage network with interactive functionality, providing a seamless retail experience for customers.

Signagelive’s cloud-based CMS enables remote deployment and scheduling of content updates, enabling the Yamaha to generate campaign content that would otherwise have been logistically impossible or cost prohibitive with traditional media.

Out of hours, the network is being used to provide staff with on-demand staff training, with material created, scheduled and distributed on a local, regional or national basis, depending on requirements, using Signagelive’s scheduling tools.

Jason Cremins, Signagelive chief executive, says the Yamaha retail application demonstrates the ‘true flexibility’ of the company’s digital signage platform.

“Our cloud-based software has enabled Mindbomb to incorporate interactive functionality onto Yamaha’s digital signage network without needing to replace already installed displays, thus maximimising Yamaha’s investment and taking its digital marketing capabilities to the next level,” Cremins says.

Yamaha says the benefits of the network have been ‘many’.

“Particular highlights, however, have been for store staff to use the digital signage network as a closing tool as well as for B2B training and awareness,” a European director of Yamaha’s Pro Music division says.

“Where the benefit significantly lifts is the ability to dynamically address consumers while in store and give them access to extra information at their leisure via their personal control should they require it.”

So far the digital signage network has been deployed across more than 25 instore screens in Yamaha Music’s larger retail partners in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Scandinavia.