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Zendesk rolls out Basic Voice, a phone support service for any business

Zendesk has officially launched Basic Voice, a new offering enabling reliable phone support for companies of any size. With the addition of Basic Voice, Zendesk now offers three options for its cloud-based, VoIP phone support solution. These services provide personalised phone assistance as part of an omnichannel support strategy.

Zendesk Voice enables agents to provide voice support from the same platform they use to manage all other support channels and take calls from anywhere in the world, including their Zendesk browser or mobile phones.

With Basic Voice, Zendesk now offers a solution for companies in any stage of growth, whether they are just getting started with phone support, delivering phone support as a team of multi-channel agents, or improving their global support performance, Zendesk says.

“In this era of always-on, multi-channel customer support, a phone call still remains one of the most powerful ways to resolve customer issues,” says Ryan Nichols, Zendesk Voice general manager.

“With the launch of Basic Voice, we are continuing to democratise phone support, making it possible for more companies to connect personally and efficiently with their customers,” he says. 

Zendesk’s Basic Voice allows growing companies to deliver phone support as a team and falls between its Lite Voice offering - especially for companies getting started with phone support - and Advanced Voice, which provides the tools required to improve global phone support performance.

Like Zendesk’s other voice plans, Basic Voice offers automatic ticket creation, full cross-channel history, and call recording and transcription, as well as these features:

  • Group routing and warm transfer, enabling agents to collaborate across a team
  • Multiple international phone numbers, allowing organisations to support global operations
  • Dashboards and controls to give managers real-time insight into queue and agent activity